The conversation in your prospect’s mind

There is a famous saying in the marketing world that suggests you should “Enter the conversation in your prospect’s mind…”

The problem is that most marketing seems to be coming from the conversation in the seller’s or marketer’s mind.

Ie. “ need this so do business with us.”

But most people are reluctant to respond to offers where they have to talk to a real person, especially when they’re still very early in the decision process.

That reluctance leads to poor response rates from aggressive calls-to-action.

Instead, you should be trying to make prospects to raise their hand earlier in the process and let you know they are “somewhat” interested in your field of expertise. The most valuable thing you can do is to enter the conversation in your prospect’s mind.

You need to start thinking the way your prospects are thinking.

For example, when somebody is only just thinking about selling their home, their first thought is, “I wonder how much houses in my area are going for?”

So, perhaps your marketing should give those people just beginning their process the information they want, like a property price guide. It could be a download, it could be an online system, it could be a newsletter.

The important thing is to offer it as some neutral and objective data about house prices in their area (or whatever your field is).

By getting your free report all they’re saying is…“I’m curious about it.”

But you know that whoever raises their hand and downloads your free report is is also very likely going to sell their house in the next 12 months.

And now you are in a prime position to help answer all the conversations in their mind right up until the moment they do list their house…..with you…their trusted advisor.