Have an SEO Friendly Homepage in No Time with These Handy Tips

Creating a homepage for your business’s website sounds simple enough in theory, but in reality, there’s a lot that goes into making it look perfect. In particular, it must be Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, friendly. By doing so, your page will rank higher on Google, and will easily be found by others. There are numerous ways to make your homepage SEO friendly, but here are some do and don’t tips to start you off.

  1. SEO friendly homepageDon’t overuse your keywords and stuff them everywhere: The main aspect of SEO is being able to use certain keywords in your content that people will likely search to find your website. While you should make an effort to include your keywords in a way that will rank you higher on Google, you should avoid what’s known as keyword stuffing and put them in every bit of your content. According to an article on OnCrawl, this strategy actually harms your search rankings rather than improve them.
  2. Don’t include a filler of any kind: This includes links to sites that aren’t relevant or writing content just to fill the page. To make your homepage SEO friendly, include only what you want people to see. According to an article written by Michiel Heijmans on Yoast, this includes your business’s name and logo, social media buttons, a call-to-action, and descriptions and content that will catch your customer’s eyes.
  3. Do create an XML-SitemapAccording to OnCrawl, creating one will “[help] search engines understand your website’s structure when they are crawling it. As you pass more data to Google, you can also determine the pages that are the most important and valuable to you and give them priority.”
  4. Do make your website easy for others to access: Don’t give it a complicated URL that people won’t remember. Also, make sure when people are visiting other parts of your website, that those URL’s are also simplified and the links work perfectly.
  5. Do make sure your homepage works across all platforms: With people using both computers and mobile devices to go online, one of the best ways to make your homepage SEO friendly is to make sure it’s easy to read and access on all devices. Look into responsive design to make this possible.

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