5 no-cost ways to boost user engagement on your website

Boost User EngagementWondering why no one is buying from your website despite the fancy, sizzling, pop-up ads, the cutting edge web design and finely written content? Well, it’s time to dig a little deeper and understand the real mechanics of how a typical web user works. Be warned, there is no exact formula as every user and site is different abut when it comes to engaging your visitors these basics will certainly help.

1.     KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

The most important part of an effective website is its simplicity. If you’re seeking a job then, the word “jobs” is more suitable, simple and quicker to understand then the word “Employment opportunity”. The most important practice is to keep things, concepts, vision of a website and its outlook simple. If simplicity is your mantra then, everything else in the website – from your controls to your themes – reflect it and most users like it when they understand things quickly on your website!

2. Usability

How many websites have you visited where to find what you wanted required many rounds of mind-somersaults? Those kinds of websites that display too little information or too much information are unusable. Usability is about striking a balance between what user wants and how your website displays it. It is one of the most important factors in conversion rate changes. Websites are designed to be used, so make navigation easy for the user.

3.     Connect with reader

Most users search the internet to solve a problem. They are looking for solutions to their problems and nothing less. If you want your conversion rate to go up, then always connect with the reader. Understand in detail what problem your website is going to solve and what business you’re in. Make the solution the single most important part of your website and users will thank you.

4.     Know your customer

Consensus is a myth. You cannot please everyone. So target your users and target them well. It is important to understand the predominant user that your website will serve. Design, develop and mark your website to the targeted audience and take their feedback. User feedback is the most important basis of both a measurement of how your website is doing and potential conversion rate. Needless to say that user feedback has to be quite simple, measurable and usable of all things.

5.     Be explicit!

Let’s face it – there is no point being enigmatic and overly clever on your website. Whatever you want to say, say it using the most direct routes of communication. Sometimes a video or picture is better than 1000 words. Choose your words wisely when you have to avoid confusing the user. Remember the rule of thumb – You should never make the user of your website think too much! If he or she does there’s a big chance you’ll lose them.