Two Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

content-mistakesOnline marketing is not only about embracing the right strategies, but avoiding the wrong ones. Here are some mistakes that webmasters make in regards to their inbound digital marketing strategy.

Avoid Linking to Low-Quality Websites

Google is committed to using backlinks to test the worth of websites. Because of this, they frown on webmasters who link to poor-quality sites, even if they have no malicious intent when doing so. The book SEO Secrets says:

If the search engine sees that you’re linking to quality sites, [it] will believe that you’re a quality site too. If you’re linking to poor quality sites, then you know how Google will view your site.

This means when you are linking to a website, you need to use discretion. If it is not an established website, then you are opening yourself up to danger and potential SEO penalties. The point is not to be afraid of linking to upstart sites, but to make sure that you are only linking to websites who put content first. Some examples are websites that run way too many ads; Google sees that as inhibiting the user-experience. Additionally, if they have broken links or are linking to low-quality websites themselves, they should be avoided.

Avoid Shying Away From Guest Posting

If you have something thoughtful and useful to say, then guest-posting can be a boon for your website. Some webmasters have completely avoided guest posting after Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, said that it was outdated, a declaration that he made in the beginning of 2014. However, he eventually retracted his statement. The truth is that guest posting can introduce you to a new audience that you may have otherwise never reached. It is not just about the byline, and the link to your blog. You are getting real benefits beyond the technical aspect of link-building. That being said, it is vital to guest blog in the proper channels as well. You should look for an industry-blog that is relevant, scanning it closely, and see if you can provide a fresh perspective, an idea they have not articulated yet.

Make sure that you avoid these two digital marketing mistakes, and you will be well on your way to improving your online results.

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