Increasing Your Search Traffic after Google’s Mobile Update

Is your website mobile friendly?

Is your website mobile friendly?

In April of 2015, Google released an update that would impact mobile friendliness that any other their previous updates. While some people weren’t too concerned about this, there are plenty of reasons as to why this update is extremely important and as such, it should be taken to full advantage. As we move away from desktops and our devices become smaller, and even handheld, ruling out mobile friendliness could detrimental to a business. Here are a couple of ways to increase your search traffic, keeping Google’s new update in mind.

Make Your Website Responsive

Avoid creating separate websites for your mobile visitors. While it may seem like a good idea at the time, updates made to your main site won’t show up on your mobile one. Incorporating a responsive design to your website will allow it to automatically adapt to a person’s screen – including a phone.

Increase Your Site Speed

Despite there being access to 4G cellular networks, there’s still work to be done in terms of internet connection speed on your phone versus cable connection. This means that it’s possible for people to load your website over a 3G connection. You will need to load your site quickly, while it needs to adjust its size and layout based on the accessing device. By cleaning up your code and speeding up your site, you can double your traffic. If you don’t know where to start, Google PageSpeed is Google’s own service to help sites become faster.

Enabling your content delivery network through your hosting company will put your site on servers all over the world, allowing it to load faster. Choosing a good host provider will make the world of difference in terms of speed.

Make These Changes Quickly

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Google’s update, it’s in your best interest to begin making changes as soon as you can. Google has to crawl and index your changes which takes time. The faster you begin, the faster Google will be able to finish indexing your site. You must log in to Google Webmaster Tools and select your website profile or add one if you don’t already have one. Along with desktop, you should include relevant mobile options (one by one).

With Google’s new update, changes that aren’t made swiftly and correctly will attract penalties. Recognizing that mobile adaptations are important for the future of your website will help increase the search traffic, keeping those users in mind.

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