Sticky in 2022

The world and the way we do business has changed significantly in the last two years. The global pandemic has seen businesses adapt in order to cope and survive, and that is just as true here at Sticky.

As an agency we have been consistently pursuing the most effective ways to work and to get the best possible results for our clients. We had been operating in blended office / remote manner for several years before lockdowns encouraged working from home. So we didn’t miss a beat in March 2020 when the first lockdown seemed to send the whole world home.

In fact, we saw our productivity increase while the whole team was at home, so we decided not to go back to a full time office environment ever again. Last year we handed back the keys to the office and embraced a remote only structure.

Working remotely has seen us review systems, tools, suppliers and the sort of work we do. 2021 saw us make some significant changes in order to serve our clients better and make work more enjoyable and rewarding.

Remote means our team can be anywhere and acknowledges the reality that the best talent for your business doesn’t always live nearby. Nor do they need to.

So now Sticky consists of two distinct groups.

The first is our strategic team, a small group of talented, experienced marketers who focus on creating and overseeing campaigns for our clients. Currently the strategic team are all based in Newcastle, but it doesn’t mean the next person will be.

The other group is our operations team, a diverse collection of specialists who manage our campaign delivery and other operations every day. They focus on executing and fine tuning the strategies we develop and are scattered from Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane and the Philippines.

The other big change for the agency has been an evolution of who we serve. While we have had a diverse range of clients for many years, we saw a pattern emerging where our strategies delivered the best results for certain industries: property, finance & health related businesses.

As a result we have decided to focus our efforts on what we call “B2C Health & Wealth”: property, finance and health businesses who are looking to attract and convert more consumers.

This marketing specialisation means that we can be more efficient and deliver results more quickly because, unlike most agencies, we aren’t starting from scratch with every new client and campaign. If you operate in “health & wealth” then we have probably solved your marketing challenge before and know how to get things happening quickly. You won’t be paying for the agency’s “learning phase”, we just get stuck into it.

One thing that hasn’t changed is our Growth Marketing Accelerator. For the last 5 years this has been the starting point for our clients to achieve great results. It is a dynamic process that really works. If you want to start attracting more of your ideal clients sooner, then talk to us about doing a Growth Marketing Accelerator.

No doubt 2022 will be another challenging year for businesses and the way we all do work will continue to evolve. But here at Sticky we’re ready for the challenge and to help you grow your business.