Agents of Growth

Business is the engine room of our economy, and businesses need to grow to keep the engine running, creating more jobs and fostering innovation.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over 12 years doing great marketing for dozens and dozens of clients, it’s how to grow businesses. In fact, it’s become the main focus of our agency.

That’s why we’re excited to announce a biggest update to our branding since 2005.



We exist to help companies grow faster with powerful marketing in a digital world.

Our new website,, reflects our “results-focused” attitude. It shows our successful marketing methodologies and examples of how clients have enjoyed outstanding growth via our marketing campaigns and strategies.

Meanwhile, our blog contains weekly bite-sized tips on marketing and business growth .

The last 12 years have seen Sticky evolve from a small traditional media agency to a digital agency servicing clients nationally, and in some cases internationally.

During that time the digitisation of media and explosive growth of online marketing has seen most agencies become “digital”. But what we have learned is that good marketing strategy can work in any medium and it remains true that you need to get the basics right rather than be dazzled by the latest shiny marketing toys.

For us the basic challenge remains to help our clients attract more potential customers so they can grow their businesses. That’s why we no longer consider ourselves to be just a “digital agency”, but rather an agency delivering powerful marketing in a digital world.

We’re Agents of Growth.

Case Study: Financial services client 247% growth in loan applications with full inbound marketing strategy

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