Discover the 3 Big Reasons Why SEO Fails

seo-failHave you come across any of these articles declaring search engine optimisation dead? One thing each of these articles has in common is they were written by people who have either failed at SEO or have another system or process to sell.

Many types these individuals are the do-it-yourself type or had a bad experience with a “professional”. Additionally, some changes to search engine algorithms have diminished the value of what once worked, especially if it was poor SEO practices.

If you are not receiving a return on your SEO investment, one or more of the below reasons may be why:

1. Experts Past Their Prime

SEO is an ever changing field of expertise. As search engines work to bring the most valuable and reliable results, SEO best practices evolve. There are many experts who simply do not stay up to date. As a result, they use techniques that no longer work or worse, now provide negative SEO. A good SEO expert stays at the cutting edge of their field.

2. Poor Endurance Level

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Results improve over time and only with a continuous effort. Therefore, if a company is not investing the time or energy, or fail to work at their search engaging optimisation consistently, their SEO will likely fail. Search engines do not give an immediate response. As a result, you can’t take a start and stop approach.

3. One-Time Solutions

Many businesses get duped by effective salespeople peddling set-it-and-forget-it solutions. There is no one size fits all solution for search engine optimisation. Conclusively, SEO only works over time and with regular maintenance. SEO best practices will bring results only when you continuously nurture your success.

The bottom line is that SEO is far from dead. In fact, in our experience it can deliver more qualified traffic and enquiries than any other marketing tactic if it is managed professionally.