Why you need to change your approach to convert your traffic from SEO

There are few things more frustrating for a marketer than spending a bunch of time and money on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) only to have it not convert. Why does this happen? What can you do about it?

It seems simple: Nail your SEO strategy, find all the best, most searched-for keywords and your business will grow.

But it doesn’t.

And what’s really confusing is that you are getting all this traffic. Why is it not converting? You know you have an amazing product or service, and the traffic is pouring into your site.

What’s Really Going On?

If this is what you’re experiencing, it’s time to change your approach. Getting traffic is great. You want traffic to┬ácome to your site, you want to get eyes on what you have to offer, but you need them to be the right eyes, and this is where things are going awry.

You Don’t Just Want Any Leads, You Want Qualified Leads

So, you found what you thought were the perfect high traffic, low competition keywords related to your business. That’s great, IF those keywords truly reflect what you’re offering.

See, if they don’t, then all the traffic in the world isn’t really going to help you. You need people coming to your site who need the product, service or information you are providing.

If they don’t need it or want it, they won’t buy it.

How Do You Fix This Problem?

By changing your approach to SEO. Instead of choosing keywords for traffic, choose keywords that will convert leads into buyers. Choose keywords that are more highly targeted and specific.

But, won’t that cost you traffic? Yes, probably. If you start niching down your keywords in a way that will eliminate people who aren’t looking for what you have, then what you’ll end up with is fewer visitors to your site, but those visitors will be far more likely to convert into paying customers. And isn’t that what really matters?

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