Is Your Blog a Waste of Time?

Is your blog a waste of time?You’ve invested plenty of time and energy into creating your blog, but unfortunately, you’re not sure whether it’s working for you. If you find people asking, “Is your blog a waste of time?” and don’t know the answer, ask yourself these three questions:

What purpose did I intend to accomplish with my blog?

That is, did you create your blog simply because you thought you should, or with a specific purpose in mind? You might use your blog to help demonstrate your expertise in your field: is it currently serving that purpose, or have you wandered off-track and started posting more filler content than posts with actual value?

Am I writing for the audience I’m trying to attract?

Who do you actually want to read your blog? For example, if you’re a small, local business, you want local hits: people who are near you who will read what you’ve written and bring you their business as a result. Hits from the middle of Queensland when you’re offering a service in Western Australia, or from Melbourne when you can only service Sydney won’t accomplish anything for you. Not only that, you should write specifically for your potential customers. Assume that your reader has the average industry knowledge of someone who would walk through your door to use your business. A dentist, for example, should not assume that someone already knows everything about the latest filling material, but a marketing specialist can assume that a business owner reading their webpage has a basic understanding of marketing.

Am I representing my brand to the best of my ability?

Quick: what is it that sets your business apart? Is there something about your skill set, specifically, that makes you different from other businesses in your industry? Your blog should represent your brand as clearly as possible to ensure that customers know what they’re getting when they approach your business.

If you’re building a blog and want to know more about how to use it as an inbound marketing strategy, contact us! We have developed a popular and cost-effective way of creating great blog content on a weekly basis and can help you work through the process and create a blog that will fulfill your intentions, rather than becoming a waste of your time.