How much copy should you have on your home page?

insert-words-hereWhile it may not be the only landing page on your site, the home page will serve as a first impression for potential customers who are referred directly to your web address or those who are searching online for your particular product or service.

Therefore, your homepage needs to fully represent your brand as well as be in the best possible shape for search engine optimisation.

To achieve these goals, we recommend your home page to have at least 500 words. The Google Panda update tends to punish sites with thin content, and home pages are often the worst offender. Ideally a home page should have up to 1,500 words, but use 500 words as a minimum.

Here are two ways to increase the copy on your home page:

  • Describe your company’s products or services. You want people to know upfront what your business is about. You should also add interlinks to your internal pages so people can easily find out more information. You can also include some history about your business and positive reviews about the excellent work you’ve done.
  • Add captions to featured pictures or videos. If you want to highlight particularly great work you have accomplished or an amazing new product, then you want to have a picture or a video. This adds to the aesthetic of your homepage. By adding a caption that includes information such as why the service is amazing or how you developed the product, you also help improve your word count. However, make sure you strike a balance so that the page remains aesthetically pleasing.

A good website these days is a balance between great content and usability for the visitor and meeting Google’s latest algorithm whims. Having one without the other won’t deliver results.

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