Put your business on the map in Google searches

Improve your Google search results with local business mapsAny business with a half decent web marketing strategy is trying to be seen on the first page of Google. Proper search engine optimisation will achieve this, but one aspect you might not have addressed yet is Google Maps.

If a large part of your business is derived from customers and prospects who are locally based then the importance of concentrating on local optimization of your web site is crucial.

Google has made this even more important with the advent of their local maps listings which are now automatically displayed in general searches. The result is a listing of local businesses regardless of whether you included the geographic region in your search. Google does this by using your IP address.

In the below screen shot I have done an Australian search for coffee suppliers. The result includes a Google supplied listing for “Local business results for coffee suppliers near Sydney NSW”

Clearly its important to make sure your business is listed on these map results or you will be missing more valuable traffic and inquiries.

Fortunately this can be achieved fairly easily. Visit the Google Maps and click on the Put your business on local maps link. Then simply follow the prompts to list your business.

Its a five minute job that could increase your traffic very quickly.

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