New-look Website Tests Inbound Marketing Conversion Rates

how to increase conversionsWelcome to the new-look GetSticky website. This is the fourth iteration of the site since it’s launch in April 2009 and is representative of our missi0n to constantly improve design and layout to achieve better results.

Inbound marketing is made up of 5 distinct areas: web design, search engine optimisation, content generation, social media and conversion strategies. These 5 elements all combine to create a powerful marketing model that attracts qualified traffic to your site and turns it into enquiries or business.

Here at Sticky we work hard on each element of the Inbound Marketing formula, testing new tools and ideas to identify best practices. We treat our sites as the guinea pigs before rolling out the best ideas for our clients.

And that’s the reason behind the latest look for this site. We have introduced a cleaner, less cluttered design with concise information about who we are, what we do and how we can assist you. Everything you see is there for a well-considered reason.

The next step is to now measure the results of these changes. We’re doing heat-mapping of the site to see how visitors interact with each element. We’ll be studying the analytics behind the site very closely and we’ll be tweaking where necessary to achieve better lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

Then we’ll be able to pass on our best thinking and insights to our clients.

As far as we’re concerned, a website is a constant work in progress requiring regular fine-tuning and updating. A well-managed website can be your organisation’s greatest marketing asset, so give it the attention it deserves.

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