Top digital agencies in Australia


Most sites don’t attract business

Back in July 2009 B&T Magazine ran a ranking of the websites of some of Australia’s top digital agencies, with a panel of judges ranking each site out of 40. The criteria used to assess the sites included Usability, Creativity, Employee Appeal & Client Appeal. (The employee appeal was considered from the perspective of job seekers).

While we thought this was an interesting approach to assessing websites, its not the scientific approach we like to employ. So we decided to run all of the sites in B&T through our Web NLYZR tool to compare results. The outcomes were very different, with only a few sites actually scoring well from an effectiveness point of view.

Our Web NLYZR tool is designed to assess sites from a marketing perspective. It doesn’t use opinions, just raw data and results to score websites out of 100. Here is what Web NLYZR looks at:

  • On-site search engine optimisation
  • Off-site search engine optimisation
  • Keyword search scores
  • Depth of Presence
  • Social media
  • Traffic conversion

These are the crucial components we utilise and measure for an effective inbound marketing-focused website. And it is the approach Sticky has used to help grow traffic and enquiries and sales for our clients for years.

Six years later Inbound Marketing has become a fairly well known practice, yet a lot of agencies still worry more about image than traffic and conversion for their clients.

At Sticky your results are all that matter. If you’re not getting enough qualified traffic, enquiries or sales through your website, then we aren’t doing our job.Web NLYZR is no longer a free site analysis tool on our site, but we use it every day to assess our clients sites as well as their competitors. It helps us help our clients become more successful online.If you’d like to discuss the performance of your company website, contact us for an analysis.