Digital Marketing Analytics – Website Analytics

Why you need good digital marketing analytics

A professional digital marketing strategy must be measurable. With websites, social networks, search rankings and database systems to manage and measure you need a thorough digital marketing and website analytics plan to understand what is working and what isn’t.

Your digital marketing analytics can tell you a lot about your audience, your content, your social networks and your SEO. It is essential to have the right analytics in place in order to maximise your online marketing potential.

At Sticky we love digging seep into web analytics to help our clients achieve truly measurable results. We can help with

  • Mapping and creating conversion funnels for each of your core goals taking into consideration your SEO, Social Networks, Landing Pages, Key Content and Database Strategies
  • Ongoing monitoring and recommendations

Our approach is designed to help corporate marketers and business owners cut through the data quickly to see exactly what has happened and what needs to be done. Analytics are an important part of our Online Business Plan.

The team at Sticky provide web analytics for a range of leading organisations including ACRF, Colliers International, PromaxNewcastle Innovation, Pacific Smiles Dental and more.