Inbound Marketing Case Studies

Inbound Marketing Case Studies

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Australian Cancer Research Foundation goes to first place on Google

Sticky has performed SEO contracts with ACRF in two phases. Initially we were contracted to optimise their existing website for 3 keyword terms, with the contract beginning in October 2009. The website was already performing reasonably well in most searches however, being a charity relying upon online donations in a competitive sector, the higher the search ranking the greater the returns.

Using NLYZR, we performed our standard procedures:

– Keyword Analysis

– Benchmarking

– Competitive Analysis

– Recommendations

– Refinement of SEO

Just over two months from beginning the contract, and one month from implementation of recommendations ACRF hit first place in Google global searches for all 3 terms.

We have since launched a new website for ACRF and broadened their keyword search base. We used NLYZR to benchmark the old site and its SEO then to provide post-launch recommendations for ongoing SEO improvements and broadening of the search base. Our websites are extremely search friendly and have allowed us to improve search rankings for a large number of terms. Already ACRF web traffic has increased 60% in the first month.

We think NLYZR is exceptional. We’d trailed global charity groups in three key search categories for three years, pretty much giving up on organic search. Sticky worked on it, and in just over two months, Voilà! We hit #1 in all three.

– Suzie Graham, Executive Manager, Philanthropy, Australian Cancer Research Foundation

We have been working with Sticky since last year. Over that time we have used them for optimising our website and we have just launched a new website in the last couple of months which is wonderful.

Over that time they have really helped us with optimising search on our site. Its been so exciting seeing ACRF being lifted up in the Google rankings and also seeing all the extra traffic that is coming through to the website.

They have been really wonderful to work with. I have worked with a number of agencies both big and small over the years and none have been as easy to work with as Sticky and is as passionate about our business as we are. Sticky are always on the end of the phone or email to help us out. They are always looking for new ways to better us on search and to improve our website, which is really great.
We have really enjoyed working with them.

– Claire McArthur, Fundraising Program Coordinator, Australian Cancer Research Foundation


Colliers International achieve rapid search results

Colliers International contracted Sticky in 2009 to initially optimise their website for 6 keyword terms after failing to achieve any SEO success with their previous suppliers. Prior to commencing work on the Colliers website they were not ranked in the first 100 results on Google for any of the agreed search terms.

We performed our standard procedures in a staged roll-out:

Keyword Analysis


Competitive Analysis


Refinement of SEO

First page Google results were achieved rapidly. The first term we targeted reached Pages 1 within 2 weeks. The second term reached Page 1 in 1 week. The third term jumped to Page 1 in just two days. By the end of the initial contract, 4 months, all 6 terms were on Page 1 of Google.

We have since been contracted for all of 2010 to continue broadening Colliers search base and are beginning optimisation of partner offices around Australia.

We’ve been working with Sticky since about mid 2009 on our Search Engine Optimisation. We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the results we have received within the last six months from Sticky. We went from not being found on Google, to being on page one for every single search term within a period of about 3months.

One of the main advantages of Sticky is their NLYZR tool. This reporting system gives us really in-depth reporting and creates the competitive landscape for us and gives you a really good understanding of where you are in the market.

The customer service at Sticky is fantastic. They are always coming to us with ideas and with insights and recommendations on what they would think would be the best results for us.

Over the past 6months we have been so impressed with Sticky with our corporate website that we are actually now rolling out a plan with all our partner and franchise networks to include Search Engine Optimisation in their online strategies.

One of the best things about Sticky is their understanding of our business, they really took the time in our initial stages of our development to really understand what our requirements and needs were. And they came back each and every time, on time, with reports that were just perfect for us.

– Justine Dyball, Marketing Coordinator | Corporate Marketing & Communications, Colliers International


Dolphcom rockets to first page of Google in three weeks with GetSticky Inbound Marketing System

Dolphcom is a whale and dolphin swimming adventures business operating in Australia and overseas. Prior to contacting Sticky, Dolphcom had an attractive website with excellent content but were nearly impossible to find in searches and received minimal traffic. They were not even on the first ten pages of Google for their name.

Having a small marketing budget, Dolphcom was relying on old-fashioned outbound marketing techniques but was missing out on their massive potential for international customers. Dolphcom was struggling to grow. The team at Sticky created a website and marketing strategy to allow Dolphcom to realise its potential, and implemented an inbound marketing strategy that would bring customers to them.

Within 3 weeks of launching the new Dolphcom site they were on the first page of Google for two relevant searches. Within 6 weeks Dolphcom were on first page of Google for all the searches we had targeted. The new system also guides visitors to inquiries and bookings for Dolphcom’s various adventures and programs.

Using the GetSticky Inbound Marketing System, Dolphcom’s main marketing channel is their website and has seen the business grow substantially in less than 6 months.


Newcastle Golf Club grows membership and course traffic with new GetSticky site and strategy

Newcastle Golf Club is one of the best courses in Australia. But like most small clubs, they have a limited marketing budget and were struggling to increase revenue and memberships.

They first approached Sticky to discuss more traditional marketing, however we encouraged the committee to look at the opportunities an online strategy would create.

We created a new website to marry in with their existing members-only site and then went to work on improving their search engine optimisation. Within 3 months the club was on the first page of Google for all targeted keyword searches. We created content that was picked up by other sites too which helped their links and Depth of Presence.

Web traffic increased dramatically with the new site and the committee report that their memberships have now grown strongly against a declining market trend.

The only marketing the club has done since launching their new site has been online and it has resulted in excellent growth.

Newcastle Golf Club – GetStick Testimonial from Sticky Advertising on Vimeo.