Does your web designer understand internet marketing?

Web design for marketingDoes your web designer understand internet marketing?

In the early days of the Web the imperative was upon having a website and as a result an industry was born, and boomed, creating websites. Good, bad or ugly, it didn’t really seem to matter a long as you were part of the the new wave online.

These days however its a lot different. Everyone has a website and a substantial portion of the population uses the web to shop, search research, chat, meet, discuss, review…well you get the point, we’re online a lot. In fact a recent study revealed that 97% of clients purchasing decisions were influenced by websites.

Now, amid the clutter and competition online, mere web existence isn’t good enough. Now professional internet marketing is crucial. You don’t just build a website, you build a web presence.

Search engine optimisation, social media, conversion strategies, data analysis, geo-targeting, the mobile web, real time search. They’re all part of a sophisticated internet marketing plan that enable you to compete and thrive online.

Unfortunately, many web designers are still just building websites.

Check if your designer understands internet marketing by asking:

  • Can you optimise the website for multiple search terms?
  • Can you easily integrate social media sharing sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious, LinkedIn, FriendFeed and more?
  • Can you tell me how many people were searching for our products and services online last month?
  • Can you create a local search plan?
  • Can you test various conversion strategies and help lift conversion rates?
  • Can you help me grow my online audience?

If the answer is NO, then you might end up with a website, but will have done very little to enhance your marketing.