Online Marketing Consultants

Online Marketing Consultants

Do you want more traffic, leads and customers?

Sticky is a leading digital agency serving clients across Australia and New Zealand. We help companies grow faster with more effective, more measurable marketing.

We’re more than you average online marketing consultants, we’re Agents of Growth.

Our digital marketing strategies are designed to achieve measurable results… Like enquiries and sales.

Proven track record

We work with sophisticated organisations seeking above average growth. We don’t focus on just on rankings and traffic; we’re after improved revenue and results for our clients

That is how we define success, and it comes through a revolutionary approach. We eliminate clunky account managers standing in the way of your success and ensure you are working directly with experienced digital marketing consultants. Our goal is to transform your investment into solid revenue for your organisation.

Our client’s results speak for themselves. We’ve taken on major digital marketing challenges and consistently delivered. Now we want to do the same for you.

Sticky’s digital marketing consulting services include marketing strategy, inbound marketing, SEO, SEM, design, content marketing and social media….but our main aim is to understand your goals and use the right combination of these services to help you hit your targets sooner.

Core Values

Be inquisitive (keep searching for better solutions & answers)

Practice what we preach (do for ourselves what we expect of our clients)

Act with honestly & integrity (with our clients & ourselves)

Always aim to exceed expectations

Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses

Be passionate about delivering great results

Agents of Growth

Sticky is a core group of experienced marketing professionals led by Craig Wilson from Newcastle, Australia.

For years now we’ve had a very flexible work environment with a blend of office and remote work styles. The events of the last two years confirmed to us that there is a better way to work (at least for us) and in 2021 we decided to go 100% remote and office free.

“Work” isn’t a place and quite often the best work doesn’t happen at “work”. Our clients are everywhere, all our systems and tools are cloud-based, the best people don’t all reside in one city….so why do we all need to be in one space in one town?

Now our team roams “free-range” mostly around Australasia, working better and more efficiently than ever. No more “turning up” 9-5. No more mind-numbing commutes. No more office distractions. No more meetings for the sake of it.

Instead, we assemble the right team for each client, campaign or project, allowing us to scale up or down to meet your requirements.

Craig Wilson - Online marketing consultant

Craig Wilson
Managing Director

Mitch Hawkins
Lead Digital Designer

Ben Nagel
Senior Account Manager

Gabby Taylor
Senior Account Manager

Daniel – SEM specialist         Stefano – SEM specialist
Leyster – Dev & web support      Chris – Dev & web support
Karen & Lacey – finances & admin