Why Your Web Design Should Serve Content

Quality-ContentDo you ever see those awesome looking sites that were just so intricate and mind-blowing that you forgot what you clicked on the site for?

Or a site that was completely torn apart by your slow Internet? You want your web site to look like that right? That amazing site you saw, did you even bookmark it? When you go back to it do you read the posts or buy whatever it is their selling?

Many of these websites miss the point of web design. One of the main purposes of your website should be to make the reader want to stay longer. The more they stay, the more chances you have of converting them to your chosen goal.

Your website’s design and its content should complement each other. You want all the content on your blog to be related in some way, anything else needs to go on another blog.

Even more importantly, your audience needs to know it’s all connected. Reference other content that is directly related to what they’re consuming. Link to other articles beside or within the content, so if they get bored with one article or video, they can just go to another. Let them know that there is content on the same topic as what they were interested enough to click on, and you’ve got them for a few more minutes.

If you have a really complex subject? Break it down into a series.Give the reader bite sized chunks of information that keeps them coming back for more.

There are so many possibilities.

At Sticky we design websites with the view to visitor retention and conversion. We also help clients post a steady stream of great content that ensures visitors keep returning and builds long term trust and authority.

Let us know if you’d like that for your business.