Perfect Your Social Media Strategy With These 5 Tips

Social media strategy at Sticky

Digital marketing is a diverse and complicated practice but one thing most agree on is the need for an excellent social media strategy. Your customers and clients use websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on a daily basis so you have to be where they are to successfully market your business.

If you’re not sure how to perfect social media yet or need some ideas for the future, here are 5 ways to nail your social media strategy.

Formulate a plan:

One of the first things you should do is map out your social media strategy. Outline your objectives and how you will achieve them. Be prepared to adjust your goals and objectives if needed along the way.

Post content that catches your customer’s eyes:

Whether it’s an inspirational tweet, a relatable Facebook post, an interesting blog post or a beautiful picture, the content you post should catch your customer’s eye. The goal is to have them stop scrolling to look at your post because they are so interested in it.

Be sure to keep up with your accounts:

Managing your social media accounts is as much a part of regular work life as everything else you do each day. You want to be active on them as much as possible. According to an article written by Lindsay Maher on the Rakuten Marketing blog, the amount of posts you make depends on the website you use. “As an example, Twitter is a conversational channel where you can engage throughout the day with tweets and retweets. On the other hand, only one post per day is suggested on Facebook.”

Try new things once in a while:

Don’t be afraid to step outside your social media plan to post something out of the norm. If it’s something in line with your business and brand’s message, but different from what you post normally, don’t worry. Just post it and your customers will enjoy it.

Keep track of what works:B

Both Twitter and Facebook provide pretty detailed data about your social media impact. Use that information and Google Analytics (if your business uses it) to keep track of your social media strategy and if it’s a hit with your customers.

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