What To Do About Customer Complaints on Social Media

Social media is more than just a place for us to spread the word about our products and services; it’s the place we can put our fingers to get a read on our pulse in the form of feedback. People speak their minds on social media, and if they’re saying good things about you, then you’re definitely going in the right direction. If they’re not saying good things, though, don’t ignore them. Customer complaints on social media are no less valid than those made through traditional sources, so make sure you go through the proper steps.

Social Media Complaints

Step One: Absorb The Feedback

Acknowledge that someone has left a complaint. That means you need to read it, and see what the complaint is in regards to. Don’t just scroll past, or worse, delete the comment from your social media account and move on.

Step Two: Analyze The Feedback

It’s not enough to just acknowledge that someone left customer complaints on social media, and to move on. You have to understand why those complaints happened. At what point in the cycle did something go wrong? Did they receive bad service, not get the right product, or was the product they received defective in some way? The comment might be detailed enough in itself to figure out where the breakdown occurred, but if it isn’t then you should reply to the commenter and ask for details. The worst thing you can do, according to Forbes, is to remain silent.

Step Three: Fix The Situation

It’s not always easy to fix what a customer has complained about, but you should make the effort all the same. Whether it’s a small token of apology (like a discount on a future purchase), or something larger (like sending them a replacement item or offering a free service), it is important to move quickly, and decisively according to Social Media Examiner. Even if you don’t have a final decision, try to give the customer an initial response within the hour of a comment being left. That shows you’re looking into their issue, and that you’re taking them seriously.

Social media has removed a lot of the middlemen, and it’s allowed customers and companies to speak directly to each other in an unprecedented way. For more advice on how to handle that, simply contact us today!