Better search engine rankings guaranteed

Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine RankingSticky Advertising’s (r)evolution from traditional media agency to digital and social media advocates has included a near-obsession with achieving better search engine rankings for clients, and our own sites. The agency has delved heavily into search engine optimisation with great success, so much so that we now insist on including SEO in every website we build.

So here’s our pitch to you. We are now so confident in our ability to deliver you better search engine ranking that we offer a Guarantee:

If we don’t achieve first page ranking for your agreed search terms within 3 months, we will work for FREE until we get the result.

Your business has nothing to lose but a considerable amount to gain by contracting Sticky to deliver better search engine rankings. How much could you gain? Consider this – Australia has over 14 million online users and according to recent research conducted by Ansearch, “each month over 8 million of these users hit one of the various search engines EVERY DAY.”

People who are searching online for your industry’s products and services already know what they want, they are looking for the company that will sell it to them. Will they find you? If you aren’t on the first page of a search then your chances of being found diminish rapidly.

This is something we realised long ago and took action to address. Our fully optimised agency site now generates a lot of traffic and enquiries. Here’s where the traffic comes from:

53.45% of all web traffic originates from organic Google searches (found us on Google)

16.68% come direct (already new our address)

9% Sticky-owned blogs (other sites we own which link to our main website)

3.41% Yahoo (found us on Yahoo)

3.20% Twitter(if you don’t know Twitter, that’s another conversation)

1.36% (paid advertising)

If you haven’t got a properly optimised site then its likely that most of your web traffic comes from paid placement (Adwords, Yellow Pages, banners etc) or through people who saw your address elsewhere in mainstream media. That means you are missing a substantial amount of potential business.

Think about how much you are currently spending on mainstream media advertising. How much is hitting pre-qualified, targeted consumers? How much is being viewed or heard by people who will never buy your product or service?

I’m not suggesting you tear up your mainstream media budget; brand awareness is important and a strong call-to-action campaign will still work.

But what if you allocated a portion of that budget to a search engine optimisation campaign that delivered pre-qualified, motivated consumers in your market who are ready to buy? What if that campaign was totally measurable?

Here’s how it works:

  • We analyse the search data around your industry and geographic market then present you with a list of relevant search terms including the numbers of searches for these terms every month. You might be amazed at how many people are searching for your product or service.
  • Next we all agree on which terms you should be targeting. We have a pricing schedule based on number of terms per month.
  • Depending on how search-friendly your current site, we might need to build something that compliments your site but serves predominantly as the search engine optimisation function. Either way, it won’t take long or cost much.
  • Then we go to work on marching your site up the search rankings. Results don’t come overnight, but within a month you should start to see the benefits of good search engine optimisation.
  • We will then provide you with monthly analysis, results and fine tune your site to keep improving or maintaining your rankings.
  • Once initial results have been achieved you might wish to include additional search terms to the target list.

Sticky’s search engine optimisation service is extremely cost-effective, totally measurable and fully guaranteed. It might change the way you think about marketing your business.

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you’d like to improve your search engine rankings.