Sticky: Advanced Digital Strategies

Digital Strategy

Digital StrategySticky has evolved substantially as an agency since we re-launched (new name, new owner, new team) in September 2005. Our agency URL reflected our status as an advertising agency, hence

Since then we have become increasingly focused on digital media and online marketing. We built a team on online specialists and launched a series of new products, sites and services such as GetSticky, our Inbound Marketing consultancy, and NLYZR, our groundbreaking website analysis tools.

These new services have allowed us to re-position Sticky as an innovative digital agency. Our client-base reflects this evolution too as we now represent a range of impressive national clients such as Colliers International, Australian Cancer Research Foundation, World Society for Protection of Animals, Lollipops Playlands and  ScottCarver, as well as some impressive new businesses like Portfolios.

So now while the agency URL stays the same, it has a totally different meaning:  stickyads = Advanced Digital Strategies.

If you are a corporate marketer looking to achieve exceptional results, if you are thinking 2010 is the year you will move on from more of the same, then we’d love to talk with you.