Creating Content That Google Loves

love-contentThe main goal of most websites should be to turn qualified visitors into customers. But to do that you must first attract those visitors to your site, and the most effective way of doing that is by appearing on the first page of Google for relevant searches. Nothing drives more quality traffic to a website than ranking highly in search.

However, if you’re wondering why your business isn’t number one on Google, it may be that you are not doing everything you can to optimise the keywords for your field.

As the dominant search engine on the Internet, Google wants to ensure that the most relevant businesses and information rank highly. So how do you get Google to recognise that your business is the best? By creating content that Google loves!

Google is constantly revising its algorithm to rank websites based on the content that they create. Ensuring that your content meets the quality guidelines to get to the top is key to improving your business.

Less is not Best

If you want to create a strong online presence – be it through blog posts or social media awareness – the more content you offer, the better. A how-to article containing fifteen tips will fare better than one with five or eight. Making posts that are packed with information and are shareable will increase your chances of being recognised by search engines. Consider your niche and where your business fits in. What do your clients want to know? What do they want to read about and how can you help them? Tips, tricks, and suggestions are just a few keywords to include. Providing information that isn’t obvious, full of detail and offers actual information will keep people coming back for more.

Help Your Readers

Regardless of the nature of your business, breaking down content for everyone to understand is one way to get the most out of your posts. You must be the authority of your field and while you are the “all knowing” expert, inform your reader in a way that they can understand without having to search for something else. Don’t overload your reader with information in one posts, rather pick one topic and expand on this to make a few posts. It is probable that your competitors are going to be posting content. You can put yourself ahead of them by correcting any mistakes. “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Let your content be the one that readers can believe in.

Be the Authority

As stated before, you will be ahead of your competitors if you can bust myths and create content that readers can believe. Supporting any and every claim with facts and sources will ensure your credibility. Do the research so that your readers don’t have to. Fill in the blanks so that your readers don’t have to continually scour the web and possibly land on your competitor’s page. Statistics with links to more information or references to studies about your niche will only increase the likelihood of becoming a credible source in your field.

Looks Matter

Humans are visual creatures. Presenting content that is visually pleasing will attract all types of customers. Breaking up information with relevant, high-quality images and visuals makes the content easier to retain. Including custom images and layouts makes your business your own. Tailor your site and your content to express your business in a way only you know how. When searching the internet, people like to skim. Creating numbered lists and bullet points allow readers to quickly devour information. Creating headings and subheadings that are noticeable will help readers navigate through your content.

Creating great content to dominate search engine pages isn’t easy but it is incredibly effective, and there is a big chance your competitors won’t be willing to take the time to do this well. Thinking about every piece of content as an investment in your business and as a reflection as such, will allow you to better refine the content you’re putting out. Combining tactics to create effective content will maximize your success.

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