4 Tips to Get More Shares and Likes on Facebook

facebook-like-heartsFacebook is the English speaking world’s largest social network and continues to grow. With so much popularity, it’s no wonder that it is the place people turn to for content. As a result, it is important to craft a strategy for getting more shares and likes on Facebook in order to promote and grow your company.

So what should you do to get more likes and shares? Try these 4 tips for better success.

1. Content, content, content

Simple, right? Yes, as long as your content fits the following formula:

  • It is relevant
  • It is interesting
  • It is entertaining
  • It is educational

Sharing these types of material will help set you up as the expert in your field. You build trust with your followers every time you share content they find valuable. When your content fits in one of these categories, it will gain you more likes and shares on Facebook.

2. Be Consistent

Post at least once a day. Check your analytics for the best times to post in order to optimize your efforts. In some cases, posting multiple times a day is helpful. However, be careful not to over-post and overwhelm followers. There’s a happy medium, make sure you find it.

3. Use images

Text only updates on Facebook don’t gain much attention. Inspirational messages with a calming image, however, grabs the attention of many more people and has the potential for becoming viral. Don’t sweat it if the content you are sharing isn’t entirely yours. It shouldn’t be. A simple rule of thumb is an 80/20 split with only 20% of the content you are sharing being produced by your company. People don’t want to be constantly sold to, but when they find value in your content, they will pay more attention when you do sell to them.

4. CTA’s

Calls to Action are a simple and effective tool to use on Facebook. It can be as simple as asking followers to “like” or “share” or “comment” on your content. Once again, just don’t overdo it. If you ask that your users like everything you share, they may become annoyed and unfollow you.

These are just a few of the methods that work to gain more likes and shares on Facebook and there are many other methods that may prove just as useful.

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