Meet True Pilates

entrance1We’re excited to introduce True Pilates, a new client in our Small Business Unit.

True Pilates is one of the leading pilates practitioners in Sydney, offering professional training in a modern studio.

True Pilates Sydney Studio teach traditional Romana’s Pilates Method. Their Pilates classes are personal and focused on technique, while their Reformer classes are Private (Individual) or Duet (two-on-one) and Mat classes are small and intimate. True Pilates believe in offering high-quality teaching to ensure a deeper understanding of the Pilates technique to improve Strength, Control, Co-ordination & Flexibility.

Located near Sydney’s Central Station, True Pilates niche offering is focused on technique and traditional training, therefore they mostly specialise in Private Pilates Classes.

The Pilates Method is a global system of resistance training that uses the combination of body weight and springs to lengthen & strengthen the body without building bulk. It strengthens the ‘Powerhouse’ – the lower back, upper and upper abdominals, hips and gluts, and the extremities- arms, shoulders and legs  improving Posture, Flexibility, Co-ordination and Stamina.

Benefits of Pilates exercise

  • Improve Body Conditioning & Shaping on a deeper level
  • Refines and strengthens the intrinsic/ finer muscles
  • Better posture and ease of movement
  • Being able to isolate and control muscle activation
  • Corrective training for Prevention of injury
  • Non invasive to joints (no aggressive weight bearing)
  • Increase Recovery rate from injuries
  • Better retention of Muscle memory

True Pilates instructors, led by Yung Ok Yoo, are trained & certified through Romana’s Pilates New York, the world’s leading certification body for True Pilates in the Traditional method – Romana Krysanowska (1923 – 2013) was Joseph Pilates first and foremost protege. Romana’s Pilates certification requires a completion of a minimum 700 hours during its apprenticeship to which there are three stages of examination to ensure competency and quality in all certified Romana Pilates Instructor.