Are You Busy, Productive or Efficient?

learn how to be efficient and not just busy

learn how to be efficient and not just busyWe’ve all heard of the Pareto Principle, aka the 80/20 rule, but are you implementing it to get big results in your business?

Most people tend to spend 80% of their time to generate just 20% of results. This is “D-Time”. They look busy but aren’t being very productive.

Productive people flip the equation and spend 20% of their time to achieve 80% of outcomes. This is “C-time”. If most of your team was operating at this level then your productivity would be outstanding.

But you can go further.

Imagine spending 4% of your time to generate 64% of your outcomes? This is “B-time”.

Or 1% of your time for 50% of your results? This level of “A-time” work produces a relative value of 200x most people’s “D-time”.

“A” and” B-time” is where business owners should be operating. For me, “A-time” is learning and understanding the actions necessary to make big gains. “B-time” is allocated to the planning and implementation of these actions.

That’s the difference between being busy, productive and super-efficient.

This article was first published in the Newcastle Herald on May 22, 2018.