3 Ways To Generate Ideas To Blog About

ideas to blog about

ideas to blog aboutDid you know that companies that blog weekly grow twice as fast as those who blog once a month?* The problem is that generating topics for a blog on a regular basis can be difficult. Waiting for inspiration to hit isn’t always the best strategy.

So here are three tips for generating ideas to blog about.

Rely on your expertise

Everyone knows one or two subjects inside out. For generating blog topics, this expertise should be your lifeblood. The key is to think about what you know really well and how you can convey the information to audience that doesn’t have the same knowledge. Thinking about your wealth of knowledge from the viewpoint of someone else will give you a fresh perspective.

Turn to the news

Looking for inspiration from news sources is a great way to generate blog ideas and to stay timely. One way to keep a good flow of ideas coming is to use Google Alerts. Choose a few topics you want to cover and then rely on Google to notify you when there are news articles on those subjects. Then you can figure out what fresh perspective you can share in a blog post based on your expertise.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

The fact is, you can’t always be original with writing blog posts, especially on a regular and consistent basis. So, sometimes you need to look at a past blog post or what other people have written. The key here is that you should give your new blog post a bit of a twist. Rather than copying or recycling a post, figure out how you can build on the topic. Or you might combine some elements of different blog posts to generate a whole new one. Also, your perspective might have changed since you wrote the original post or you have new knowledge. If you so, your new blog post can serve as a sort of followup.


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*source: Hubspot