How to Get More Click-Throughs from Social Media: This Headline Works Like Magic

How to Get More Click-Throughs from Social MediaThere’s an old saying, “Working hard and working smart can sometimes be two different things.”

It is the same with digital marketing.

We see a lot of websites with great content. Their articles are well-researched. Their writing is fluid. Their style is conversational and funny, but they don’t get a lot of traffic to their articles. You want to know why?

Their headlines are boring.

It doesn’t seem like such a big issue at first glance. However, a poor headline severely limits the potential of otherwise good content, especially when shared on social media.

You see, while we now spend an enormous amount of time on social networks, we are also having to quickly process an enormous amount of information. For content creators, that means there is a lot of competition out there. Getting noticed online requires a great headline that really speaks to the intended audience.

The good news is that constructing isn’t that difficult, it just needs a bit of thought. The end result can really give web traffic and your business a boost.

Here is a headline that can be used for dozens of different topics and always generates clicks:

The Lazy Man’s Way To…

It appeals to the motivated and unmotivated, and it can work wonders for your next article. Here are a few topical variations.

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Bake Better Cakes.”

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Lose Weight Faster.”

“The Lazy Man’s Way to Take Amazing Photos.”

That’s all you have to do. Use it in your next post. Share it on your social networks. See how it performs.

Or, if you’d rather have someone else do all your digital marketing work, contact us today. (That’s not lazy, it’s just smart).