3 Ways Blogging Can Improve Your Bottom Line

BlogFor business owners used to generating sales from traditional marketing methods, it can be hard to believe that something like a blog can be the introductory point for new customers to your business. But the truth is that a good blog can be the source of considerable web traffic, enquiries and sales. It can be the heart and soul of your inbound marketing strategy.

If you are a business owner you may not understand how blogging can improve your bottom line, so here is a quick overview.

More Leads

It doesn’t matter if you are selling goods or services, if you can’t get people to your site you are going to have a bad day.  A well written blog will do just that by using keywords and an engaging voice to get people to the page and keep them reading.  Not every blog needs to be a sales pitch, you may be surprised how far a funny anecdote will go to draw customers in.  You can’t increase your bottom line if you are not getting customers and a blog will, at the very least, bring you bodies.

Built in Sales Pitch

A blog is an excellent way to present valuable information to a potential buyer without it sounding like you are trying to sell them something.  You are simply stating the benefits of your product or service and letting them decide for themselves if it would benefit them.  A blog also allows you to tackle the same subject matter from multiple different angles which is more than any one sales meeting could do.

Build Leads

A particularly interesting or engaging blog post has the potential to go be shared extensively via social media, introducing even more potential customers to your business. If even a single person likes the content or the style of your blog and shares it you have the potential to reach more people than a high scale mailing campaign.  The more eyes that your blog lands in front of, the higher the probability of a sale.


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