Promote Your Small Business Blog in 7 Easy Steps

1082097566A small business has a lot to overcome in order to stand out in the crowd. Being David against the corporate Goliaths means it takes more time, work and effort to promote your business. But that doesn’t mean your business blog can’t gain attention, especially with these 7 easy ways to promote your small business blog.

  1. Utilise social media: This is the most obvious and easy way to promote your small business blog. You should already be utilising social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like to promote your business and gain an audience. Utilise these sites to promote your blog as well by linking to posts or the whole blog itself. Get people talking!
  2. Promote in emails and/or newsletters: If your business sends out emails or newsletters to recipients at certain times of the year, be sure to mention and link your blog in those. It will give the recipients motivation to check the blog out.
  3. Include it in your main website: This is another obvious and easy way to promote your blog. How will customers old and new find it if you’re not even promoting it on your website? If you haven’t done so already, link to your blog somewhere within your website’s navigation.
  4. Go offline: Promoting your blog isn’t just limited to the online world. Include your blog’s URL on physical things such as business cards, use old fashioned word-of-mouth to get people talking about your blog, mention your blog in meetings or events with other businesses. Your personal touch just might win over new readers.
  5. Put your email signature to good use: Have everyone in your business include a link to your blog in their email signature. It could entice those receiving emails from you to take a second look at your formal business signature and check out your blog.
  6. Link to other blogs in your posts: If your blog is writing about a subject that has already been discussed in other blogs, link to them when you’re writing your post. This benefits both your blog and the blog you’re linking to because you both get exposure, the interest of new readers and possibly a new business relationship.
  7. Take advantage of blog directories: There are many online blog directories your business can sign up with to help with promotion. Each one has different benefits and some offer free services while others offer paid services. Check out this link to see what directory is right for your blog.