Social Media Marketing: 5 Tips For Better Results on Twitter

You can’t do much with 140 characters… or can you? Twitter seems like a a restricted format for marketing but it has great potential for many businesses. If you’re looking to make the biggest impact possible in so few words, though, you need to make sure every character is packed with dynamite.

Here are 5 Tips For Better Results on Twitter….

Tip #1: Make Your Bio Pop

When people see your tweets, they’ll check out your bio. Make it compelling, and give your audience something to latch onto. General, boilerplate text isn’t going to cut it. Be memorable.

Tip #2: Find Your Influencers, and Interact With Them

Influencers are the people with big followings, whose words carry weight in your niche or market. Find out who they are (you can usually judge by their retweets and follower size), and interact with them. Get on their radar, and they’ll boost your signal.

Tip #3: Tweet Early, Tweet Often

When it comes to social media, you don’t want to put out too many updates. They can overwhelm your audience, and take up too much of their news feed. With Twitter, though, you can (and should) tweet several times a day. You should tweet at least once per day, and more than once if you want to stay on the cusp of industry news.

Tip #4: Use Keywords and Hashtags

The right keywords can go a long, long way. Keywords make your tweets more likely to be discovered both on Twitter itself, and on search engines. So make sure you know what keywords are trending, and try to include them in you tweets. Hashtag them if you want to make sure people see them.

Tip #5: Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words

Social media is fast-paced, and Twitter is faster than most. You need something to slow down scrollers, and images are the ideal way to do it. So make sure you share pics and videos, as well as links and text, to give your audience a full package. You’re also more likely to get retweets and likes if you’ve got some sexy graphics to show off.

These are just a few of the ways you can get the most out of Twitter. For more information on how to increase your social media success, simply contact us today!