Why You Need To Use Multiple Social Media Networks

Multiple Social Media Networks

Multiple Social Media NetworksSocial media marketing is essential in this day and age for any business to connect to current and potential customers. However, chances are you are only using one or two social media networks as part of your marketing plan.

The fact is, using multiple social media strategies allows you to not lean too heavily on any one platform. A social media blitz allows you to reach a varied audience and take advantage of the different virtues of each social network.

Twitter’s reliance on hashtags and fast pace allows for a wave of communication that can easily trend. Using this network allows you to get a lot of people talking about your product or service in a short period of time. However, it is important to stay engaged on a real-time basis with this platform.

Think of Twitter as like a cocktail party where you get to share the news about your business. You can ask and answer questions, get feedback, and connect your launch to other trending topics.

Facebook is the most widely used social network. With a Facebook Fan page, you can give more detailed information in a post. To really bump up the engagement, a sponsored post is an affordable way to share news about your launch.

LinkedIn is a great network for endorsements. Start by building a network of connections of various people in your market, whether experts or consumers. You can share news of the launch of your product or development of a service via a status, link to a blog post, or as part of a discussion in a group.

Your connections are likely to share your news and a number of people will endorse you for certain skills–which will then garner you trust and develop relationships. Think of it as a conference in which you network with people in order to tell them about the great new product you have.

There are a number of social networking networks that allow you to harness the power of video. The most well-known is Youtube, which allows you to development an audience who might be interested in your product or service.

Instagram is another great platform for sharing videos, in addition to photos. You can post 15 second videos. On Vine, you can post 6 second videos and post them in a number of different categories. You can combine the best of the videos and post them in a Youtube video. Videos perform better than any other type of post on Facebook; so sharing them on this platform is a great marketing tool.

The key is to engage your audience with entertaining or useful content via these various social media networks. Show your expertise and what makes your business unique.

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