Kaden Centre launches online exercise platform for cancer patients

Research highlights that regular exercise before, during and following cancer treatment decreases other adverse side effects and is associated with reduced risk of developing new cancers and co-morbid conditions.

This was the rationale behind the launch of a new, world-first, online exercise platform for cancer patients by The Kaden Centre.

The Kaden Centre is Australia’s leading dedicated exercise oncology facility, run by exercise physiologists and physiotherapists, that is designed to deliver custom, targeted exercise programs to people experiencing all stages of cancer and chronic conditions.

Since 2018 The Kaden Centre has supported almost a 1000 people experiencing a wide range of cancer and chronic conditions.

Sticky has been working with The Kaden Centre for the last year to develop the idea of an online platform to assist cancer patients Australia-wide with targeted training.

Funded by a grant from the Newcastle Permanent Charitable Foundation, the Kaden Centre Home Programs is a digital platform designed to help you exercise from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in Australia, with guided advice from the expert team at Kaden.

Sticky was involved in conceiving, designing and developing the platform with the Kaden team and we are extremely proud to have been able to help with such an important and valuable initiative.

You can see an NBN News report on the platform here.