Growth Marketing Accelerator

Real marketing results, faster

Growth Marketing Accelerator

Real marketing results, faster

Here’s the problem: most small businesses launch with a great idea, a bucketload of enthusiasm and a few customers to get them busy. You grow a little bit, get busier and hire one or two people to help.

And then you hit a wall. Growth stalls and it seems like every few months is one step forward…two steps back.

We call this “the wobbles”. We’ve all been there at some stage, many businesses never escape it and at this point plenty of businesses fail.

To break free of “the wobbles” you try all sorts of marketing options. Some are expensive, some aren’t….but none of them seems to deliver meaningful growth or a cost-effective return on investment.



Nothing changes because you don’t have an effective marketing plan that has been designed to deliver real business growth.

But this doesn’t happen when you have a STICKY marketing strategy.

STICKY marketing is designed specifically to attract your ideal prospects and convert them into valuable customers. STICKY marketing works for you day and night, not just when you allocate an advertising spend.

STICKY is more than just our name….it’s an acronym for a bulletproof marketing methodology that has delivered outstanding growth to businesses we’ve worked with over more than a decade.

STICKY marketing answers the following questions:

STICKY 10 Day Growth Marketing Accelerator

Now the STICKY marketing strategy is available to small business owners in a dynamic accelerated format that delivers real results much much faster…

This begins with an intense, accelerated process where you spend a full day with the Sticky team, lock the doors, turn off the phones and focus 100% on your business to extract as much information as possible and start building out your marketing plan.

Together we look at your:


Customers need to understand why they should buy from you and how you solve their problem. We’ll pull this apart, identify the real benefits and help build a compelling proposition.


Once we know your real targets we can develop a plan to drive traffic and attract them. This often involves identifying your ideal market niche.


People prefer to buy from people who are known, trusted and respected in their field. Our plan helps you build your influence and authority to become first choice.


Traffic isn’t much use if it isn’t converting to leads and sales. The right calls-to-action or conversion funnel can dramatically grow your business.


Winning a new customer is great, but with the right approach you can keep them longer for higher average sales or greater lifetime value.


You can only manage what you measure, and when you measure the right goals you’ll know what’s working and where to improve.

Then, having researched, developed and agreed to the plan, Sticky will (with your authorisation) do all the initial implementation of the plan in the following week back at our office.

Our experience with hundreds of companies has proven that optimal results can be achieved when we combine Search Engine Optimisation with relevant Content, shared on the right Social networks, do some paid advertising or Boosting of selected content, have strong tactics to Convert and build and communicate to a Tribe of subscribers / followers.

The trick is getting that mix right….and that’s what we’ll do for you.

How effective is STICKY marketing? Here are some real examples:

  • A client in the highly competitive small loans industry saw loan application growth of 247% and actual loans grew by 282%. This was due to a strong focus on improving the quality of visitors / applicants through more targeted marketing.

  • A superannuation client saw new memberships immediately begin to increase again for the first time in several years. In fact, in the first year of our marketing new memberships actually increased 142%.
  • A law firm experienced 411% growth in traffic over 18 months, far exceeding their business growth targets and a move to larger offices as the practice expanded.
  • A student accommodation provider saw applications grow 298% in just 8 months after we introduced clearer navigation and a variety of appropriate calls-to-action.

Limited spots

Our Accelerator is an intensive exercise. The whole Sticky team is involved and fully focused on your business.That’s why we can guarantee to get more done more quickly. But it also means we only have limited availability. We’re often booked out 6 weeks in advance.

We don’t do this work with start-ups.

If you’re just getting going or struggling to win your first few clients, this isn’t for you….yet.

We achieve our best results with businesses that are more established, who are going through “the wobbles” and are ready for accelerated marketing growth. If that’s you, book yourself a spot in the STICKY Growth Marketing Accelerator today.

Hi, I’m Craig Wilson.

I’ve been in the business of growing businesses for over 25 years.

At the age of 23 I bought my first business, a small catering franchise, and doubled its turnover in the first year.

A few years later my family and I took control of the entire franchise group. I oversaw the rebranding and introduced new marketing and operations systems which resulted in rapid growth, over 70 franchises, and being listed in BRW’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies for 3 consecutive years.

After a stint in radio where I ran the sales operations for 2 stations, I purchased a small Newcastle advertising agency which I soon rebranded as Sticky.

Since 2005 I have worked with hundreds of companies helping them grow through better advertising and marketing.

I’m on a constant search for more effective and efficient ways to deliver results, with a real focus on measurable growth whilst cutting through the usual marketing industry BS.

This thinking has led to the Sticky 10 Day Growth Marketing Accelerator, where you can work alongside me and my highly experienced team to quickly identify, address and implement the marketing activities that will produce the best results for your business.

Ready to accelerate your marketing?

It doesn’t matter where you are. We’ve run the 10 Day Growth Marketing Accelerator for companies in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and even from Thailand and Brazil. Ideally you come to our waterfront office in Newcastle, but we can discuss traveling to your place too.

Let’s talk….

Please send me your details and I’ll be in touch soon to discuss whether we’re able to assist you.