Responsive Web Design: You Really Do Need It

imagesIf you have a website, you have probably come across the term “responsive web design”.  If this is a term you’re still not totally familiar with, simply put, it’s designing a website in such a way that it’s not only user-friendly towards computer users, but also those who go online using their mobile phones or tablets. Even though mobile usage is gaining in popularity, with “34% of smartphone users [going] online mostly using their phones, and not on a desktop, laptop, or other device,” according to Bop Design, many websites are still not catering to their needs. It is also understood that, “44% of people… claim that navigation was difficult on smaller devices.”

With desktop computers and laptops still being used for going online, it’s understandable why websites would not undergo a redesign to make it mobile-friendly. Why fix something if it isn’t technically broken? But, here are the reasons why you absolutely need responsive web design.

  • Mobile is the way of the future: Phones and tablets are a main method of going online. This is something that shows no signs of disappearing anytime soon. You don’t want to lose a bunch of people in your target audience or potential clients because your website isn’t mobile-friendly. People are more likely to visit your website if they can access it from any platform. Mobile is “in”, so keep up with the times.
  • Mobile-friendly earns higher page ranks: Did you know responsive web design can give your website a higher search ranking? It’s true. According to Hyphenet, “responsive web design means higher rankings in Google search… with only one strategic URL, you strengthen your SEO.” Obviously, you want your website among the first ones people see and click on. So begin using responsive web design and you’ll see that it benefits your website and company.
  • Mobile means lower costs: Using responsive web design means no longer having to run two different websites to run on two different platforms and being able to use just one website that works on all platforms. According to Codeboxr, “one website costs less than two, and the savings can be substantial.” Instead of putting money into two different websites, you can now put this money towards something else your company needs and be secure in the fact that your company’s website can be accessed from anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Let’s face it, web technology and trends keep changing and, whether you like it or not, you need to keep changing with it. If your site isn’t mobile responsive in 2016 you are going to be left behind.