Digital Strategy: Content Marketing in the Digital Age

According to Dr. Dave Chaffey, an expert on digital marketing at ClickThrough, content marketing is the number one trend for generating leads in 2017. Dr. Chaffey states:

“A focus on content marketing makes perfect sense for modern marketing, since it supports a more integrated approach to digital marketing where content is used as the fuel to increase engagement across different inbound channels, including organic and paid search, social media and email marketing and also outbound.”

What is content marketing exactly? We see it as marketing that tries to attract customers by distributing informational content potentially useful to the target audience, rather than by advertising products and services in the traditional way, I.e. content marketing through blogs and email newsletters.

Content marketing could, quite possibly, be the best way to gain customers in an age of wanting everything now. Driving sales through content marketing makes use of e-mail, social media, website registrations, search engines and other internet based marketing. These are quick ways to get the word out fast about your business, product or services.

Lead generation today should focus on customers searching for you instead of you searching for customers. In our age of having everything available at the click of a button, your business must prepare for when customers begin their search to find you and that means a constant presence online with social media pages, websites and great content.

If you’re tired of achieving the same, or diminishing results from your old marketing approach, maybe now is the time to change. Sticky has been helping clients grow with smarter digital marketing and content strategies for the last decade. Ask us how we can grow your business too.